Harmonising data collection to deliver high value stroke care and improve patient outcomes​

1,5 M

Strokes / year

9 M

Europeans live with stroke



€ 60 B


HARMONICS project (January 2022- December 2024) aims to harmonize data collection to improve patient outcomes, avoid future adverse events, and reduce healthcare costs by creating a value-based stroke care ecosystem​


Stroke, the main cause of functional disability​

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide (438.000 deaths across Europe, representing 8% of total deaths) associated with high health and social care resources and costs. In Europe, stroke costs €60 billion (bn), with healthcare accounting for €27 bn (45%), representing 1,7% of health expenditure.


The Unmet Need

Suboptimal patient-health professional communication

Inhability to align financial incentives and health success

Inhability to align financial incentives and health success

Poor patient experience and high rates of professional burnout


Harmonics, a stroke
care ecosystem

Optimal patient-health professional communication

Continuous of care delivery Acute Hospital, Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention

Centralized registries & harmonization of outcome data

Innovative value-based payment model

Acute stroke and post-stroke process optimization & change management

Hospital admission

Acute stroke: Process manager service

Entry in post-stroke program 
(Selection of patient candidates to include based on clinical criteria)

Hospital discharge
Tele-rehabilitation plan
Health plan personalization
Medical visits plan
Monitoring of risk factors
Adherence follow-up
(Patient adherence to rehabilitation
and pharmacological treatment)
Patient forms
(PROM’s, PREM’s, quality of life, symptoms...)
Detection of possible decompensation
Clinical intervention assessment
Health plan adjustment assessment
Expected impact

To harmonize clinical processes of care by improving KPI, scorecards and outcome measures collection among centres to allow common data collection and integration renewing and defining stroke care processes and sharing best practices

To enhance the efficiency and sustainablity of regional health care systems by improving major KPIs and stroke care process

To raise awareness and provide training education among stroke patients and families by means of NORA, an innovative nudging-based digital platform to improve patient-clinician communication and patient follow-up

To adopt this innovative high-value care solution in Catalonia and Coimbra, enabling the implementation of a realistic, value-based payment model

Direct impact on stroke outcomes and best use of resources

Reduce risk factor associated readmisions

Increase treatment adherence

Decrease rates of poor outcomes & depression

Reduce hospital lenght of stay

Home clinical remote monitoring

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Project Management Team​

Carlos Molina

Clinical Lead

Head of Stroke Unit -
Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron


Maria Franco

Project Manager

Stroke Unit -
Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron



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Stroke, the main cause of functional disability

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide (438.000 deaths across Europe, representing 8% of total deaths) associated with high health and social care resources and costs. In Europe, stroke costs €60 billion (bn), with healthcare accounting for €27 bn (45%), representing 1,7% of health expenditure, and €5 bn related to social care costs. Productivity losses cost €12 bn, due to early death and lost working days, including €1.3 bn hours of informal care provided to survivors, costing €16 bn. Readmissions after stroke are related to discharge destination and conditions; thus, greater support for transition to home after stroke is needed to reduce unplanned readmissions. Disabilities and stroke recurrence are one of the main problems that need to be addressed in the stroke care chain, as they hamper patient return to normal life. Hence, there is a need for improving efficiency and optimizing processes of care to ensure continuum of care mostly at the post-hospital level


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This Privacy Policy (hereinafter, the “PRIVACY POLICY“) regulates, in general, the collection and treatment by HARMONICS of the personal data that the any person provides as user of the website accessible through harmonicsproject.eu domain name (hereinafter, the “WEBSITE“), including blog services, social networks, information services “Newsletter" or any other functionalities available at any time through the WEBSITE. All this without prejudice to the specific provisions established in certain sections, forms or services available on the WEBSITE in order to provide the user relevant information and, where appropriate, obtain the corresponding consent.

HARMONICS reserves the right to modify the PRIVACY POLICY to adapt it to new legislative, jurisprudential and/or administrative updates, as well as to the practices developed at that moment through the WEBSITE, taking into account all user’s rights and interests.

Nevertheless, HARMONICS will provide suitable technical resources to the user to allow s the PRIVACY POLICY access in order to fill out the corresponding information obligations that HARMONICS must respect according to the data protection regulation.

1. Who is responsible for user’s data processing?

HARMONICS company with registered office address in C/ Arkaute, Nº5 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava), registered in the Álava Business Register, Volume 1481, Book 65, Sheet VI-15335, and V01482983 Tax ID, will be responsible for the treatment of user’s data. For any question related to the PRIVACY POLICY and/or user’s personal data processing, the user can contact the company at the following postal address and/or email address biokeralty@keralty.com.

2. How the company has obtained user’s data?

The data managed in HARMONICS have been provided by the user, through (i) the different forms that the user has filled out when browsing the WEBSITE (e.g., registration as a WEBSITE user, forms referred to job offers and/or application processes, etc.); or (ii) by sending an email enquiry. In case that the provided personal data belong to a third party, the user will have to guarantee that he/she has informed the mentioned third party about the PRIVACY POLICY and the user has the third party’s authorization to provide these data to HARMONICS for the purposes indicated in the following paragraphs.

3. What type of data does the company process?

The data managed in HARMONICS are those that the user has provided in the forms and/or email address that the company uses to contact purposes. More specifically, HARMONICS manages the following data categories, depending on the WEBSITE use:

· Identification and contact data (e.g., name, surname, identity card number, postal and electronic address, telephone, etc.).

· Internet browsing data (e.g., IP address, visits to web pages, connections to Wi-Fi networks, etc.).

· Personal profile data, education, employment, etc. (in the case HARMONICS job applications/offers processes in which the user voluntarily participates).

4. For what purpose and according to which legitimacy does the company manage user’s data?

User’s personal data management has the following purposes:

· Process and manage information requests, suggestions, complaints or claims that the user make through the WEBSITE or email.
· Process and manage service contracting and provision formalized by HARMONICS through the WEBSITE.
· Manage user’s job application, registration and participation in the corresponding selection process.

HARMONICS’s personal data management is developed in accordance with the applicable regulations, based on user’s consent given at the time of collecting the personal data that the user has voluntarily provided through the corresponding tools established for this purpose on the WEBSITE.

The company reminds that, at any time, the user can freely revoke his/her consent without any charge according to the terms explained in Section 7.

5. To whom can the company send user’s data?

The company informs that user’s personal data may be shared with the following third parties:

· Organizations and Public Administrations to which HARMONICS has the legal obligation to communicate user’s data.

· When the user gives his/her consent the entities part of HARMONICS’s same business group, with the purpose of attending user’s requests and queries and/or sending the user commercial communications regarding the mentioned entities and their respective activities or products.

As well, the company informs the user that his/her personal data could be communicated to third entities that provide services to HARMONICS and, some of which, as Data Processors, may have data processing centers located outside the European Economic Area, so the user’s data could be subject to international data transfer according to the applicable legal guarantees.

6. How long will the company keep user’s data?

In general terms, personal data will be kept as long as the user does not revoke his/her data treatment consent or requests data removal or once that the time needed by HARMONICS to meet the corresponding legal obligations.

In any case, the company informs the user that HARMONICS has established internal data filtering policies to control the period of storage of owned personal data. Consequently, the data could be canceled once the company considers that these data are no longer necessary and/or adequate for the purpose for which they were collected.

7. What are user’s rights?

Applicable data protection regulations guarantee the user several rights related to his/her personal data that the user may apply during data processing. These mentioned rights are following ones:

· Data access: the user has the right to check his/her data to know concerning personal data that are being managed by the company. Request the rectification or removal of user’s data: under certain circumstances, the user has the right to rectify those inaccurate of concerning personal data that are being managed by the company or, even, to request its removal when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes to which data were collected.

· Request the limitation of user’s data management: under certain circumstances, the user has the right to request the limitation of his/her personal data processing. In that case, the company will keep the mentioned data only for the compliance or defense of claims according to the data protection terms established in the applicable regulation.

· User data portability: under certain circumstances, the user has the right to receive the concerning personal data provided to the company in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and to transfer them to another data controller.

· Opposition to user’s data processing: under certain circumstances and some reasons related to user’s particular situation, the user has the right to oppose the processing of his/her data. In that case, the company will stop processing these data except that, due to legitimate reasons or the implementation or defense of possible claims, these data will need to be kept.

· As well, the user has the right to withdraw at any time his/her consent, not affecting this decision the legality of the data treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

The user can exercise these rights under written request addressed to HARMONICS, specifically to the postal address indicated in Section 1 or by sending an email addressed to biokeralty@keralty.com.

Finally, the user can present a claim in the corresponding Control Authority (in Spain, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection), especially when the user has not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of his/her rights. The user can contact the mentioned Authority through the following website: www.agpd.es

8. Security measures

HARMONICS will treat user’s data every time in an absolutely confidential way and keeping the mandatory duty of secrecy according to the provisions established in the data protection applicable regulations and adopting the corresponding technical and organizational measures for this purpose, necessary to guarantee the security of user’s data; prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access and taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed.

9. Cookies policy

Additionally, the company informs that HARMONICS has established a Cookies Policy accessible through the following link.


Whilst using this site, some information is collected automatically using ‘cookies’ or local storage.

HARMONICS uses cookies on its website to help the company to provide customers with the best possible online experience. If the user continues to browse this website, the company assumes that the user is happy for his/her web browser to receive all cookies served by the company’s site.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to user’s web browser and stored in the memory of user’s device when a user visits a website. Cookies are useful because they enable collection of user data and analysis of how the website is being used by visitors, to optimize and create the best possible customer experience.

Some cookies are temporary to user’s browsing session and deleted every time the user closes his/her browser. Other cookies remain on user’s device until they expire or the user deletes them from his/her device’s cache.

2. What information do they not hold?

The cookies used by the company do not hold any data that can identify the user personally, such as; names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, bank account numbers or credit card information.

3. Why does the company use cookies?

· To recognize user’s computer when he/she visits the website.

· To improve the website’s usability.

· To track the user when he/she navigates the website.

· To analyze the use of the website.

4. What cookies does the company use?

Essential cookies

This site uses essential (‘strictly necessary’) cookies as they are essential to the effective operation of the website. Examples of use include:

· Saving user’s choice of insurance cover and information as he/she progresses through the quote and buy process.

· Ensuring user’s data and policy choices have been captured correctly when he/she reaches the stage of policy purchase.

Non-essential Cookies – Performance

To help the company understand how visitors use the site and to measure its performance, this site uses web analytics cookies provided by Google Analytics. The company only uses trusted web analytics platforms that provide statistical insight into interaction and behaviors of website visitors.

Non-essential cookies – Targeting and Marketing

HARMONICS owned website advertisements on third-party websites as the company uses display advertising techniques to target consumers. Some advertisements the user may see will be facilitated through a Display Advertising Network.

One technique provided by Advertising Networks is called Behavioral Targeting. Advertisements can be tailored to broadcast advertising of a more relevant nature by capturing user’s online behavior. These behaviors can then be used to inform a network to place an advertisement on a website that operates as part of the advertising network.

This site uses targeting cookies that support behavioral advertising. Some of these cookies are placed on the user’s computer by DoubleClick to display the company’s advertisements and also use to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s advertising and promotions on third party websites. More information about behavioral advertising and how to manage targeting cookies can be found at www.youronlinechoices.eu

Please note that by ‘opting out’ of receiving cookies from any network, the user may disable the ability for a network to deliver advertisements that are targeted to his/her interests.

5. Accepting or rejecting cookies

The user may be able to configure his/her internet browser to warn the user each time a new cookie is about to be stored, so that the user may make a decision whether to accept or reject it. If cookies are already on the user’s system, the user can delete them. They can always be modified from the following link.