Harmonising data collection to deliver high value stroke care and improve patient outcomes​

1.5 M

Strokes / year

9 M

Europeans live with stroke



€ 60 B


HARMONICS project (January 2022- December 2024) aims to harmonize data collection to improve patient outcomes, avoid future adverse events, and reduce healthcare costs by creating a value-based stroke care ecosystem​

Stroke, the main cause of functional disability​

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide (438.000 deaths across Europe, representing 8% of total deaths) associated with high health and social care resources and costs. In Europe, stroke costs €60 billion (bn), with healthcare accounting for €27 bn (45%), representing 1,7% of health expenditure.

The Unmet Need
Harmonics, a stroke care ecosystem

Acute stroke and post-stroke process optimization & change management

Hospital admission

Acute stroke: Process manager service

Entry in post-stroke program 
(Selection of patient candidates to include based on clinical criteria)

Hospital discharge

Tele-rehabilitation plan
Nora Healthcare

Health plan personalization
Medical visits plan
Monitoring of risk factors
Adherence follow-up
(Patient adherence to rehabilitation
and pharmacological treatment)
Patient forms
(PROM’s, PREM’s, quality of life, symptoms...)
Detection of possible decompensation
Clinical intervention assessment
Health plan adjustment assessment
Clinical processes for
the efficiency and sustainability

Direct impact on stroke outcomes and best use of resources

Reduce risk factor associated readmisions

Increase treatment adherence

Decrease rates of poor outcomes & depression

Reduce hospital lenght of stay

Home clinical remote monitoring

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Contact us

Please send us your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Project Management Team​

Carlos Molina


Head of Stroke Unit – Hospital Universitar Vall d’Hebron


Maria Franco


Stroke Unit – Hospital Universitar Vall d’Hebron



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