Cookies Policy

Whilst using this site, some information is collected automatically using ‘cookies’ or local storage.

HARMONICS uses cookies on its website to help the company to provide customers with the best possible online experience. If the user continues to browse this website, the company assumes that the user is happy for his/her web browser to receive all cookies served by the company’s site.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to user’s web browser and stored in the memory of user’s device when a user visits a website. Cookies are useful because they enable collection of user data and analysis of how the website is being used by visitors, to optimize and create the best possible customer experience.

Some cookies are temporary to user’s browsing session and deleted every time the user closes his/her browser. Other cookies remain on user’s device until they expire or the user deletes them from his/her device’s cache.

2. What information do they not hold?

The cookies used by the company do not hold any data that can identify the user personally, such as; names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, bank account numbers or credit card information.

3. Why does the company use cookies?

· To recognize user’s computer when he/she visits the website.

· To improve the website’s usability.

· To track the user when he/she navigates the website.

· To analyze the use of the website.

4. What cookies does the company use?

Essential cookies

This site uses essential (‘strictly necessary’) cookies as they are essential to the effective operation of the website. Examples of use include:

· Saving user’s choice of insurance cover and information as he/she progresses through the quote and buy process.

· Ensuring user’s data and policy choices have been captured correctly when he/she reaches the stage of policy purchase.

Non-essential Cookies – Performance

To help the company understand how visitors use the site and to measure its performance, this site uses web analytics cookies provided by Google Analytics. The company only uses trusted web analytics platforms that provide statistical insight into interaction and behaviors of website visitors.

Non-essential cookies – Targeting and Marketing

HARMONICS owned website advertisements on third-party websites as the company uses display advertising techniques to target consumers. Some advertisements the user may see will be facilitated through a Display Advertising Network.

One technique provided by Advertising Networks is called Behavioral Targeting. Advertisements can be tailored to broadcast advertising of a more relevant nature by capturing user’s online behavior. These behaviors can then be used to inform a network to place an advertisement on a website that operates as part of the advertising network.

This site uses targeting cookies that support behavioral advertising. Some of these cookies are placed on the user’s computer by DoubleClick to display the company’s advertisements and also use to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s advertising and promotions on third party websites. More information about behavioral advertising and how to manage targeting cookies can be found at

Please note that by ‘opting out’ of receiving cookies from any network, the user may disable the ability for a network to deliver advertisements that are targeted to his/her interests.

5. Accepting or rejecting cookies

The user may be able to configure his/her internet browser to warn the user each time a new cookie is about to be stored, so that the user may make a decision whether to accept or reject it. If cookies are already on the user’s system, the user can delete them. They can always be modified from the following link.