HARMONICS joins in the celebration of World Stroke Day

As World Stroke Day approaches, the HARMONICS research team is uniting with the global community to shine a spotlight on the profound impact of strokes. This cerebrovascular disease stands as one of the foremost causes of disability worldwide, and it ranks as the second most common cause of death. Within the continuum of stroke care, significant challenges persist, with disabilities and the risk of stroke recurrence demanding urgent attention.

The HARMONICS Project, propelled by a vision of transformative change, presents a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing the care of stroke patients and their surroundings. Our goal is to streamline data collection, thereby facilitating improved patient outcomes, mitigating the likelihood of future adverse events, and ultimately curbing healthcare costs. Through the creation of a value-based stroke care ecosystem, we are dedicated to achieving a higher standard of care and a brighter future for stroke survivors.

We cordially invite you to join us in this vital mission, standing shoulder to shoulder as we collectively advance to build a holistic high-value solution for stroke patients and their environment. Our shared commitment to improving the lives of stroke patients and their families is a powerful force for positive change.