HARMONICS joins World Diabetes Day to raise global awareness of this stroke risk factor

On World Diabetes Day, we highlight the interconnection between prevention and comprehensive healthcare in the HARMONICS research project. Eye-opening data underlines that people with diabetes face twice the risk of stroke, with a higher likelihood of recurrence after the first episode.

No less shocking is the finding that 30% of stroke patients have diabetes, either previously diagnosed or de novo, of whom 90-95% have type 2 diabetes. Additionally, 40-50% of patients without diabetes fall into the category of pre-diabetes, showing abnormal carbohydrate metabolism. This group is at high risk of developing established diabetes during follow-up, placing them at high cardiovascular risk and overall mortality.

At HARMONICS, our dedication goes beyond research. We work tirelessly to forge a future where information and awareness merge, protecting hearts and minds. Join us in this crucial mission.