Dr Carlos Molina, Principal Investigator of the HARMONICS Project, participates in the XIV Congresso Brasileiro de AVC, III Jornada Paranaense de Neurologia

The prominent principal investigator of the HARMONICS project, Dr. Carlos Molina, had the honour of presenting this innovative project on the international stage during the XIV Congresso Brasileiro de AVC and the III Jornada Paranaense de Neurologia, which took place last week in Brazil. The congress, which brought together neurology and stroke (CVA) experts from around the world, focused on the latest advances in CVA research and treatment.

Dr Molina presented the latest advances and findings of the HARMONICS project to an enthusiastic audience of clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals at the Viasoft Experience in Curitiba.

The Congress programme covered the entire Stroke Care Line, from primary prevention to pre-hospital care, hospital care, secondary prevention and rehabilitation. The speakers, both national and international, were selected for their excellence in research, academics and experience in the field. This careful selection of speakers ensured enriching learning and provided certainty of success in the search for advanced solutions for the prevention and treatment of CVAs.

Dr Molina expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to share the work of the HARMONICS Project team in such a prestigious setting. He stressed the importance of international collaboration in the fight against CVAs and the need to continue to drive research and innovation in this critical field of medicine.

The HARMONICS Project team hopes that its participation in this congress will further boost awareness and collaboration in the fight against HCVs globally, and that its technological advances will continue to improve the lives of patients around the world.